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General discussion forum for both members and visitors.
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Aspire to join pvp madness...Apply here!
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What's New with Guild
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If you fail to prepare, then prepare to fail.

- Lidocaine
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Welcome to the Deja Vu website. Here you will find all you need to know on BG strats that this guild uses and info on any changes that may be coming soon, either in guild or in game. If you have any comments or suggestions about the guild, members, or becoming a member, plz feel free to make a post or fill out an app (which is located on the left side bar on our homepage.) Filling out an app will also give you deeper access to the guild website, so if you are already a member of the guild and have not yet filled out an app on the website plz do so, or you may not have the ability to post on our forums. This is a pvp guild that thrives on owning horde. We have everything a serious pvper would need in bank. So take a look around and make yourself at home. Deja Vu... where serious pvpers of Bonechewer hang there hats.

Guild Obligations

Game Activity
Members that are part of the guild should be actively playing the game. Without active players, Dèjávu is as good as dead. My recommendation is that all members that are inactive for 20-30 days to be kicked with the exception of a reasonable excuse.

Guild Activity
There is nothing more sad than a guild with its members not playing with each other. What would be the point of being in the same guild if there is no teamwork and cooperation? Therefore, it is vital to expect all guild members to team and play together for a majority of the time. Members are also obligated to attend as many scheduled guild events, tasks and raids. Guild events takes a lot of time and planning. The least members can do is show up. Those who display a pattern of guild inactivity will be kicked.

Website Activity
Website activity is very important to the health of our guild. Only through communication can a guild grow and expand. Only through communication can our events and plans be carried out. The
best way to communicate would be through this guild website. With members all over the world, having them communicate via website is key. Posting your ideas, discoveries, screenshots and triumphs on this website will establish a nice online family among all members.

Guild Solidarity
Pride and morale is important for the longevity of our guild. Loyalty and dedication is key. It is also important to realize that individuality is important in MMORPG's.

Guild Etiquette
Members should be expected to be polite and courteous to each other. Greetings to arriving and exiting members during game play provides a warm and friendly gaming environment. Communication in this manner will help facilitate social interaction, teamwork, guild activity and solidarity. Your behavior also reflects our guild's public image and should be expected to extend this etiquette to our recruits, our allies, and the rest of the gaming community.
Most Members join guilds because they are tired of the nonsense found in pick up groups. The expectations as a member of Deja Vu should be to play selflessly as part of a team. Members
should know their roles, be it the healers, or the dps. Members Will be obligated to obey their guild officers and Related Management. Member obligations to the guild helps set the standard. The more you as members follow the rules and expectations, the more organized and the more attractive our guild will appear to the new recruits and the games community.Those who rise above expectations and their obligations will be promoted to class leaders and officers, and have more pull inside the guild.
For the most part have fun..ty
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